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Acentos aims to become the one-stop-shop for all the busy moms and amazing hosts who want to make every moment around the table feel a little more special.

We create high-end, elevated designs for disposable tableware, so that it is easy to set a beautiful table without the need to buy and store too many expensive items.



My name is Ana Victoria, a full-time employee, content creator, 2024 bride, and now, founder of Acentos Designs.


Growing up, I was fortunate to have a mom that always made every special occasion feel even extra special!


Now that I have my own home, and discovered a passion for hosting, I quickly realized a lot of those special moments happen around the table. That is when I knew I wanted to make each and every one of them feel extra special, just like my mom.

Times have changed, and I became overwhelmed with not having enough time to search every online and physical store, having to create it and mix &  match myself,That is when this idea came to life. What if we can make it extremely easy for us to be the best and most detail-oriented host?


My inspiration comes from a family full of art but driven by love.


My encouragement comes from the women empowerment I have been fortunate to witness in Miami.


Thank you, for making this a dream come true! 

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